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Tax Election

November 7, 2023
JCCWDD is asking voters to approve the collection of a tax by JCCWDD, to be used for flood prevention efforts within the county.

Jackson County — County Wide Drainage District

Tax Election: November 7, 2023

The Jackson County – County Wide Drainage District (JCCWDD) is responsible for flood management and prevention in Jackson County.

JCCWDD is asking voters to approve the collection of a tax by JCCWDD, to be used for flood prevention efforts within the county.

How the flood–control tax is assessed:

  • On behalf of JCCWDD, the County assesses and collects a flood-control tax.
  • The County remits all funds collected from the flood-control tax to JCCWDD to use for flood prevention.
  • The Texas Constitution caps the amount of flood-control tax the County can assess at thirty cents ($0.30) per $100.00 of valuation.

How the flood–control tax will be assessed if voters approved JCCWDD's collection of the tax:

  • Jackson County will stop assessing a flood-control tax on behalf of JCCWDD.
  • JCCWDD will start assessing a flood-control tax on its own behalf.
  • This will not increase the flood-control tax in Jackson County.
  • The cap on flood-control tax in the county will be lowered to twenty-five cents ($0.25) per $100.00 of valuation (although the actual flood-control tax assessed will be much lower).

The reason for the tax election is to simplify the collection and use of the flood-control tax. JCCWDD will continue to have the responsibility of contracting with the tax assessor and reporting to the state. This will prevent JCCWDD from using resources from two taxing entities to do the same job.

This will also simplify the tax statement. The taxpayer will know that the tax rate is set by JCCWDD and collected for the funding of JCCWDD. All questions or complaints about the Tax will be the responsibility of JCCWDD.

This will not raise the tax rate

Notice of Appointment of Agent

To All Persons Interested In the Tax Rate Election For Jackson County County Wide Drainage District

Notice is hereby given that the Board of Directors and Board Secretary of the Jackson County County Wide Drainage District (the “District”), acting pursuant to Section 31.123, Texas Election Code, have appointed Charles Givens, General Manager for the District, as the duly authorized agent of the Secretary (the “Agent”) for all purposes for the District’s Election (the “Election”) to be held on November 7, 2023. The office of the Agent is located at the District Office, 2066 State Highway 111 South, Edna, Texas 77957, and the telephone number is (361) 782-5401. The Agent will be available for election duties for at least three hours each day during regular office hours, on regular business days, beginning on August 7, 2023, and ending no earlier than December 17, 2023, the 40th day after Election Day.

The Agent will maintain and make available for inspection and copying those documents described in Section 31.123(c), Texas Election Code, and shall receive any personally delivered document relating to the election that the undersigned is authorized or required to receive. Additionally, the Agent shall hereby be authorized to perform any ministerial duties in connection with the election that may lawfully be performed.


A Todas Personas Interesadas en la Elección por Tasa de Impuesto Distrito de drenaje amplio del condado del condado de Jackson

Se hace saber que el Consejo de Administración y el Secretario del Consejo del Distrito de drenaje amplio del condado del condado de Jackson (“el Distrito”), actuando conforme a la Sección 31.123, Código de la Elección de Texas, a designado a Charles Givens, Gerente General del Distrito, por este medio como su agente señalado (“el Agente”) para todos los propósitos para la Elección (“la Elección”) que ocurrirá el 7 de noviembre de 2023. La oficina del Agente esta localizada en la Oficina del Distrito, 2066 State Highway 111 South, Edna, Texas 77957, y el número de teléfono es (361) 782-5401. El Agente estará disponible para los deberes de la Elección por lo menos tres horas cada día, durante las horas regulares de la oficina, en los días laborales regulares, comenzando el 7 de agosto de 2023, y terminando no antes del 17 de diciembre de 2023, el 40 día después de día de la Elección.

El Agente mantendrá y hará disponible para la inspección y copiando esos documentos que son descritos en la Sección 31.123(c) de Código de la Elección de Texas y recibirá cualquier documento personalmente entregado acerca de la Elección que el infrascrito esta autorizado o requiere recibir. Además, el Agente estará por este medio autorizado a realizar cualquier deber ministerial en relación que puede ser legítimamente realizada.


JCCWDD Order approving Tax Rate Election
Jackson County Flood Letter
Resolution for tax rate approved.
Resolution supporting local Bill JCCWDD.
Notice of election.
Aviso de elección.

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Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or any of your JCCWDD Board members with any questions or concerns about the JCCWDD TAX ELECTION