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Miller Ditch is located 1.1 miles East of the intersection of FM 822 and CR 130. From CR 130 Miller Ditch travels approximately 1/6th of a mile in a southerly direction where it ties into the flood plain of Dry Branch. Jackson County Pct. 1 Commissioner and many property owners on Cr 130 were concerned about the flooding of roadway during average rain events. In June of 2019 JCCWDD looked at Miller Ditch which had never been improved from just a natural drain which meander through the trees and brush to the Dry Branch flood plain. After looking at current condition and talking with current property owners JCCWDD shredded and mulched all underbrush from CR 130 downstream to be able to start process of surveying channel and collecting field data and perform H&H analysis of Miller Ditch. In July of 2020 JCCWDD was provided by Schiebe Engineering and Consulting a complete engineering design and construction plans to improve Miller Ditch to be able to handle a 100 year flood event. JCCWDD Board of directors proposed starting project during the summer of 2021. During 2021 the county experienced above average rainfall and flooding several times which caused the project to be delayed until June of 2022. We began clearing brush and expanding channel in June and by July the pipe under Cr 130 and crossing at lower end of Miller Ditch were installed. In mid August channel was complete and all fencing and water gates were installed.