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Dry Creek & East Ditch

Dry Creek and East Ditch are the two major drains for the City of Edna. Dry creek begins approximately 2 miles north of Edna on the East side of Highway 111 and falls into the Navidad River below the Lake Texana Dam. JCCWDD maintains Dry Creek (In cooperation with the City of Edna) from Highway 59 through Edna to Asbeck Lane where JCCWDD continues to maintain until the Navidad River. East Ditch begins just North of CR 406 (Lower Cordelle Road) and runs through the East Side of the City of Edna and continues South until falling into Dry Creek on the West side of Highway 111. JCCWDD maintains East Ditch from CR 406 through the City of Edna (In cooperation with the City of Edna) and South until it falls into Dry Creek.

Dry Creek was cleaned and enlarged where possible through the City of Edna in 1995. From the city limits to FM 1822 Dry Creek was cleaned and reshaped in 1995-1996. In 2001 Dry Creek was cleared of brush and enlarged from FM 1822 to the Navidad River. Currently Dry Creek is in need of being redesigned to accommodate the future. JCCWDD believes that enlargement of Dry Creek through the City of Edna will present a challenge and that all other options should be evaluated along with the enlargement of Dry Creek. The downstream portion of Dry Creek between Asbeck Lane and FM 1822 has become unmaintainable because of the extreme erosion of the channel in many places. JCCWDD has been in the process of acquiring grant funding to help with the cost of a detailed study for Dry Creek and East Ditch that would address all of the issues and provide workable options. In August of 2021 JCCWDD was awarded funding from the Texas Water Development Board for the study of the Keller Branch HUC-10 Watershed. The HUC-10 Watershed will include all of Dry Creek and East Ditch and provide much needed information on projects that will help improve drainage and prevent erosion. JCCWDD has contracted Scheibe Consulting LLC. to develop study over the remainder of this year and next. The complete details and contract with The Texas Water Development Board is available on this site to explain the area to be looked at and the information that will be gained from study.