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Goat Trail Site #6 is located between El Toro and Vanderbilt on the East side of FM 234 on the Lavaca River Bottom. Site #6 consists of three Large Drop Structures. Structure number three is located on Hanna Ditch approximately 1,000 feet upstream from structures one and two. Structure #3 drops the elevation 10’ through a 72”x8’ drop into a 48”x 120’ outlet pipe into a rock spill basin. Structures #1 and #2 are located where Hanna ditch and Goat Trail Ditch come together 1,000 feet upstream from the Lavaca River. Structures #1 and #2 drop the elevation 25’ through a 72”x10’ drop into a 54”142’ outlet pipe into a rock spill basin.

This project was built in 1980 with the cooperation US Army Corp of Engineers, Soil Conservation Service, and Jackson County Wide Drainage District. The purpose of Site was to control erosion on the Lavaca River Bottom from the diversion of water from Y Ditch to the Lavaca River. Once completed JCCWDD became responsible for the Maintenance and replacement of the site.

In 2019 after inspection of all three structures of site #6 the JCCWDD Board decided that structure #3 was in need of replacement. All of the pipe was replaced with 10 gauge aluminum pipe and the spill basin was repaired in June of 2020. Structures #1 and #2 are planned to be replaced in the near future.