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Gausch-Kutach Site #8

Site #8 is an erosion control structure located where Gasch Ditch falls into Arenosa Creek approximately one half of a mile West of where County Road 106 maintenance ends. Site #8 was built to control the erosion on Gasch Ditch along County Road 106 and through the private property where it drains into Arenosa Creek. The original project cost and planning was shared between Jackson County County Wide Drainage District, Soil Conservation, and The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. The project was completed in 1979. Once completed all maintenance cost and repair became the responsibility of Jackson County County Wide Drainage District. JCCWDD has managed vegetation control and replaced and repaired any material as needed since 1979. In 2017 the JCCWDD Board of Directors decided that after discussing the inspection of site #8 that the pipe needed to be replaced and the plunge basin was in need of repair. 2018 the three 48” x 166’ corrugated pipe where replaced with aluminum pipe along with end section’s. 250 Yards of select fill sand was used under and around new pipe during installation. 150 yards of bull rock was needed to repair spill basin and reface inlet side. 16 yards of concrete was used on inlet side to stabilize pipe end sections. Once all construction was completed all disturbed soil was reseeded with grass.